Hello Monday :: Encouragement for Your Week

Here we are staring down a Monday smack dab in the middle of December. December is famous for mile-high to do lists and a whole slew of frenzied activities.

I know the point behind all the commotion is to celebrate the season. And I’m all for celebrating. But as we go through this week let’s not let busy cloud peace.

Let’s choose our activities wisely. Let’s enjoy the people more than the stuff.

Be careful with expectations – of others and yourself. Let’s dole out requirements sparingly.

Find joy in the moments this week – the busy ones, the quiet ones and the not-so-quiet ones.


Hello Monday :: Encouragement for Your Week

Hello Monday :: Encouragement for Your Week

It’s here again. Another Monday. I’m determined to look at Mondays with a fresh perspective. Instead of wishing the weekend could live on and dreading the grind of a new work week I’m on a mission to remake Mondays.

Will you join me?

It’s my hope that this day brings fresh enthusiasm to our week. May we smile more and be kind. Be kind to our family, our neighbor, our coworker, the bank teller and the gas station attendant. And may we be equally kind to ourselves. Because kindness matters much.

Let’s offer grace generously – to others as well as ourselves. Let’s put away harsh and use gentle instead.

Let’s listen intently and speak carefully. And may the voices in our head not drown out the truth in our souls.

Happy Monday, friends.

Hello Monday :: Encouragement for Your Week

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Source: LivLane on Etsy  

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