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You Always Were Enough

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How Worth is Measured

My 31 Day Series, well, it’s missing some of the days. I got thrown for a loop.

One missed day turned to two and then three. And three turned to more and then I decided I sucked at the whole thing. By the time I missed the fifth day I wondered why I ever thought I could be a blogger anyway. I determined I wasn’t cut out to type words for others to read. Obviously I’m not good enough.

I decided I should delete my blog and actually remove my entire presence from the world wide web. I should cancel internet service completely and spend my days ironing.

Clearly, I’m a completely rational thinker.

Turns out, ironing is the worst chore on the planet so I’ll keep my blog and internet service after all.

In my downward spiral of negative thinking I had forgotten what I was supposed to be writing about this month. Enough.

Earlier in the month I was giddy with my new found freedom. Freedom that comes from knowing my actions don’t determine my worth. But I let it slip away so quickly.

You’ve gotta fight for it. Those thoughts of yours will run wild if their not tamed.

We’ve got to be constantly reminding ourselves of the truth.

And the truth is, your worth is not determined by what you do or what you have. The numbers on the scale, the dollars in the bank, the likes on your Facebook status — none of it measures your worth.

It is who we are not what we have or do that makes us enough. 

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