A Beautiful Accompaniment to Enough

I don’t check the mail very often. If I’m not expecting anything, I just let the junk mail and the bills pile up. My mail person hates me. But lately I’ve been expecting something. I’ve been watching out the window for the mail truck. And yesterday it arrived. I’ve been so excited for Emily Freeman’sContinue Reading

What To Do When You Think You’re Not Enough

This world is big and so full of awesome. So many people doing good work and creating the beautiful with their very own lives. I find that both amazing and hugely overwhelming. I feel small. Is what I have to offer enough? My thoughts run wild and threaten to take control of my beliefs. FearContinue Reading

When Comparison Makes You Think You’re Not Enough

I was caught up on my laundry last weekend. It was all washed, folded, and put away. Every single bit of it. I love to have the washer and dryer going, it feels so productive. But that putting away part – it hangs me up all the time. There is almost always a basket orContinue Reading

ENOUGH :: 31 Days of Knowing Who You Are

I’m 43. It seems at this point in my life I should be living confident, like my thoughts about myself shouldn’t be shaky. I want my heart and mind to be sure that I am enough. enough: occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations  That’s how Merriam-WebsterContinue Reading

Five Minute Friday :: Opportunity

photo credit Another year in the books. And a fresh new calendar lay clean before me. I closed out the year soaking in time with stair-step grand-babies. In just a matter of months their ages will turn and they’ll be 1,2,3,4. Determined not to blink in an effort to not miss a single moment. It wasContinue Reading

Five Generations

Well, would you look at that. December is here and November passed with nary a word from me. I’ll offer no excuses. I spent the month pondering some stuff and being thankful for lots of other stuff. And one of my very favorite moments in all of my Novembers ever lived took place right hereContinue Reading

How To Have The Best Birthday Ever

Saturday was my husband’s birthday. Our oldest girl and her family packed the kids in the car and came to visit. Our youngest girl drove home from college for the weekend. We had all of our kids and grand kids together for the whole entire day. There was pumpkin patch visiting and hayride riding. ThereContinue Reading

3 Must Read 31 Days Series

photo credit Are you all following along at the Nester’s place? There are something like over 1200 people doing the 31 Days Of (fill in the blank) series. So much goodness going on. Seriously, some real good stuff but obviously way too much for one person to read. I’ll highlight a few of my veryContinue Reading

Grace in Spending :: A Guest Post

I’m honored to have Amy here at my place today. Amy has a huge heart – generous and kind. I’m impressed with her every time I read her blog. Thanks so much for sharing here today, Amy. I’m really glad you’re here! :::::::::: I’ve had a great time getting to know Jamie through the blogosphere,Continue Reading

Three Things on this Thursday

I know it has been awhile. I’m coming off a funk where I contemplated throwing away the laptop altogether and going back to a life where phones were only connected to kitchen walls. A life where there were only 3 tv channels and you play outside until the street lights come on. Then I rememberedContinue Reading

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