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I’m kicking off something new here on the blog – we’ll call it The A-list. Monthly-ish I’ll be telling you about a person, place, or thing that I think is above awesome. I’ll be sharing about organizations and people I admire, support, and believe to be all-around super.

[Side note: Speaking of new stuff here on the blog, things are happening behind the scenes right now and this place is fixin’ to (I never say fixin’ to in real life. What’s happening to me?) look a whole lot different in the next few days. Insert excitement.]

Today I want to tell you about Mercy House Kenya. Mercy House was started in 2010 by Kristen Welch of the We Are That Family blog. Kristen’s got a huge heart and I love, love, love how she is impacting the world!

Mercy House helps pregnant girls who are living in poverty in Kenya. They take them in and love them and help them with their education and prenatal care.  The girls learn job skills and they learn be mama’s and they learn about a God who loves them.

Would you look at those babies? And those mamas. Just look at ’em. Oh, it’s too much. My heart almost bursts. I just wanna squeeze them. But that would probably make them cry.

There are many ways to support and be a part of the work happening in Kenya. You can pray, you can give, you can shop. It doesn’t have to be big. Actually, it is big; anything you do matters in a real big way. I’m a fan of their Power of Three program – just $3 on the 3rd of every month. Three dollars may seem little but together all our littles make big.

You can even host a Mercy House party. My daughter did. It was so fun and purposeful. And I scored a cute necklace.

There you have it. Mercy House Kenya at the very top of my A-List!

You should totally check them out and get involved.

Photo credit: Photos of the Mercy House mamas and babies are from the talented Bess Brownlee.

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